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Tikki Beach Charters has over 30 years of experience in the yacht charter industry, and has grown to be one of the largest operators and charter management companies over the past ten years.

Tikki Beach Charters arose from parent company American Party Cruises, which historically offered commercial charters for large groups in Chicago and Florida. Today, our companies have grown substantially and are now offering an extensive array of services, nationally and in the Caribbean. We are also yacht charter marketing and branding experts, and have assisted multiple Florida and New York yachting companies in thinking out of the box in creating new charter concepts for their fleet.

Currently in Florida and New York, we offer over 25 commercial or large group charter yachts and party boats that can accommodate 20-1200 guests. To compliment our commercial services, we added private luxury yachting services, and are now offering over 40 private charter yachts. Our private charter yacht fleet is very different, accommodating up to 12 guests and provides overnight accommodations with well appointed staterooms and upscale amenities.

Offering formal to casual cruises, our hosted yachts are the perfect venues for conference meetings, team building events, corporate luncheons, dinner parties, and cocktail cruises. We’ve hosted hundreds of corporate dinners and corporate meetings to date.

The multiple deck layout offers ample room for speeches, presentations, and team-building activities, while including separate buffet areas, multiple bars, air-conditioned dining deck, and customized flooring on all decks. 

A few of our past clients are: Pepsi-Cola, Citrix, Logitech, MTV, American Express, Logitech, Red Bull, ATnT, and Pet Smart.

Our weddings on the water are comparable to none. Where else in the world can a couple exchange vows aboard their very own traveling oasis?

 Our unique Tikki Beach brand directly caters to the modern bride, a new age bride who is looking for a fresh idea, something less stuffy than many of the receptions she has attended in the past. She is looking for something unique, and this is exactly what our company offers. 

From casual to formal celebrations, our wedding planners take their time with each bride (and groom) to consider all of their special requests, thus creating a one of a kind event that will be remembered for years to come.

 Our approach to weddings is slightly different than that of our competition. We allow the bride to have some fun and relax throughout the process of arranging one of the most important days of her life. We try to eliminate the long process of planning, keeping meetings simple and straightforward. 

Planning an event with us is not time-consuming, our event planners are quite intuitive and quickly understand exactly what the bride is visualizing. 

We take care of all the details, including flowers, photo/video, unique and exotic cakes, arch ways, and all types of entertainment. Our all-inclusive packages are designed to take the work out of wedding planning, offering everything a couple could want and more.

 Our packages can accommodate the most modest or extreme budget. Ceremonies generally last about 15-20 minutes and mainly take place on the upper deck, under our custom decorated arches. Our wedding specialists can recommend a rabbi, pastor, priest, captain, or any other type of officiate to perform the ceremony.

Many of our couples and their guests travel from all over the world to attend a destination wedding in Florida, and this usually involves more than one event. 

Tikki Beach and Kabana Beach are very popular for pre-wedding dinners and events, which usually take place on Fridays and Sundays, the day before or after the actual wedding. Treating one’s family and friends to a lovely cruise on the Intercoastal waters of Miami or Ft. 

Lauderdale is an excellent alternative to the typical lunch or dinner in a local hotel or restaurant. Bridal and baby showers are usually held during the day, complete with a champagne lunch or brunch menu, and normally lasts two to three hours on the water and sometimes dockside.

 We’ve hosted both bachelor and bachelorette parties, and have even combined the two on a few occasions. Guests can rent the boat entirely for themselves, or if the group is particularly small (under 50 guests or so), they can attend one of our public ticketed dance party cruises.

Tikki Beach theme yachts are perfect for children and teens. Special menus and packages are prepared for these events, including frozen drink bars, chocolate fountains, candy stations, and more. FUNDRAISING Tikki Beach Charter Corporation is continually open to creative ideas as a means to help give back to the community.

 We’ve donated our time and venue on many occasions and welcome opportunities to promote the betterment of our local community, country, and planet. Please email us for fundraising assistance.

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